Hero Clash

Join Four powerful heroes from around the world in the thrilling slot, Hero Clash. Across five reels, each containing three symbols, and 243 ways to win, the four heroes powers will help players to win big payouts, with each character offering a unique bonus feature round. Collect HERO POWER on non winning spins, Collect HERO POWER by landing scatter symbols, Collect and charge your Hero for the clash of a lifetime. You’ll need to collect 150 HERO POWER or 3 BONUS scatters to trigger the FREE SPIN bonus. With 4 different FREE SPIN stages to be unlocked, this game boasts superb graphics and an epic soundtrack.Boost your Hero chances with Super Stake mode.

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MGA – SE – UK – IT – ROM – DK – PT – LV – CHE



MGA – SE – UK – IT – ROM – DK – PT – LV – CHE



Game Features

Free Spins

FREE SPINS are awarded by completing the current HERO POWER METER.12 FREE SPINS are awarded with 2x multiplier applied to each FREE SPIN. Each Character has a unique HERO POWER that can be used during the FREE SPINS game round. After FREE SPINS, the game progresses to the next Hero Character stage and the HERO POWER meter for the new character starts at 0.


Charger Free Spins

The symbol in the middle of the reels has STICKY WILD symbol.On each FREE SPIN, Charger will apply 1x to 5x to the STICKY WILD symbol. If a winning line includes the middle STICKY WILD then the 2x multiplier and STICKY WILD multiplier are multiplied and applied to current line.


Slade Free Spins

Randomly on each FREE SPIN, Slade can apply add a cluster of 2×2 WILDS (4 WILDS) anywhere on the reels to make big winning combinations. The 2x Multiplier is awarded to all winning FREE SPINS.


Hot Shots Free Spins

Randomly on each FREE SPIN, Hot Shots can add 1 to 8 WILD symbols on random reel positions. The 2x Multiplier is awarded to all winning FREE SPINS.


Sonic Boom Free Spins

Randomly on each FREE SPIN, Sonic Boom can fill reels 2 3 or 4 with WILD symbols. The 2x Multiplier is awarded to all winning FREE SPINS.


Super Stake

Activate Super Stake to double the chance of HERO POWER scatters landing in the game.


Gamble Feature

When a win occurs, player gets the option to gamble his win amount. If player chooses this option, an overlay appears with a blind card and the option to gamble on colour (red or black) or suit (spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs). After making the choice the card turns around and reveals it’s color and suit. Betting on the correct colour multiplies the bet by 2, betting on the correct suit multiplies the bet by 4.